What is Domain?

The function of the Domain is to associate the client computer with the web server. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated, simply put, the domain is the name or address of your website.

Just as you answer the call by your name, your website answers the call by your domain name on the Internet. Just like you go home with your home address, you can go to your website with your domain address.

So what is the domain in one word?
If your website is your home, the domain is the home address.

Domain is your identity in the digital world. The first thing you need to create a website is a domain. Every website on the Internet has a unique domain name.

Google has google.com, Facebook has facebook.com, Twitter has twitter.com, and Instagram has instagram.com Domain names are used to identify numerous websites across the Internet.

A domain name is a minimum of one character and a maximum of 63 characters, the first commercial domain name symbolics.com was registered by Cambridge computer firm Symbolics on 15 March 1995, tld.com.

What is a domain extension?
The part after the dot (.) at the end of the domain name is called the domain extension. For example google.com << Here google followed by .com is basically the extension.

Some popular domain extensions: