Domain Hosting

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a space where all your website data is stored. When we visit a website, we see different types of content such as: images, articles, videos, etc. These are not floating in zero, of course, they are stored somewhere, and from there the information is provided to the user according to his request. All …

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What is DNS ?

DNS Full meaning is Domain Name System. The Domain name system(DNS) was invented to eliminate the hassle of remembering IP addresses. At present, the domain name of the website is used but basically, the website is loaded through an IP. From which IP the website is loaded is stored in a database, along with many …

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What is Domain?

The function of the Domain is to associate the client computer with the web server. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated, simply put, the domain is the name or address of your website. Just as you answer the call by your name, your website answers the call by your domain name on the Internet. …

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